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About Donative

Our blockchain-based donation platform promotes trust and transparency to the whole donation ecosystem. Donors are very skeptical about where their donations end up, and hence using the power of blockchain technology, we have built a trustworthy and fully transparent system to bridge the gap between donors and charitable organizations / NGOs / beneficiaries of such donation.

Our platform provides an easy interface for all NGOs/charitable trusts to register, create their campaigns and an option to raise funding for their campaigns. They can also use this link to promote their campaigns in their circles. Once they receive the funds from us, they need to update campaign progress periodically for audits. Donors can chose to stay anonymous or pay by their name and track every penny on blockchain and ensure that their fund goes to correct cause and reached beneficiaries.

  • Goal Based Funding

  • Anonymous Donations

  • Legitimate NGOs/Trusts

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How It Works

Follow The Process And Donate For The Good.

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    Choose a cause

    Browse different campaigns and select a cause.

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    Order processing

    Checkout and pay for your contributions..

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    Delivering reports

    We deliver the products and the organisation updates about product utilization.


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    Doing the most good is hard. We recommend some of the best charities real will have in the world.

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    Doing the most good is hard. We recommend some of the best charities real will have in the world.

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    Doing the most good is hard. We recommend some of the best charities real will have in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once we receive the payment confirmation, you will get an appreciation certificate via email and it will be available on our website’s dashboard as well. Along with payment confirmation, you will get a button “Get 80G”, which will ask for additional details as required by government, just fill in and 80G certificate can be downloaded for taxation claims. Currently benefits are restricted to Indian territories but we will be expanding it soon.

We provide two ways to Audit, for crypto based donations, just click on Audit and enter your transaction hash to get details. Alternatively, you can go the relevant campaign and check progress tab to get insights of fund utilization. Such updates would also be emailed to you on your registered email ID. However, in case of anonymous donations/crypto payments email would not be possible.

Please note that such donations are not linked to any specific campaign and it will go to our general pool which would be utilized across all campaigns. Also you can track these donations on Etherscan by transaction hash and since we do not capture your details, such will be anonymous and you would not be able to get tax benefits if payment are done through cryptocurrencies.

Yes, we do offer dedicated point of contact for organizations requiring CSR activities. We analyze your CSR objectives and map it with best possible NGOs to implement them. In most cases employees of the organization may participate in the events as well. Based on specific projects and NGO readiness, we can offer limited marketing or branding activities.