About Donative

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About Donative

Our blockchain-based donation platform promotes trust and transparency to the whole donation ecosystem. Donors are very skeptical about where their donations end up, and hence using the power of blockchain technology, we have built a trustworthy and fully transparent system to bridge the gap between donors and charitable organizations/NGOs/beneficiaries of such donation.

Our platform provides an easy interface for all NGOs/charitable trusts to register, create their campaigns and an option to raise funding for their campaigns. They can also use this link to promote their campaigns in their circles. Once they receive the funds from us, they need to update campaign progress periodically for audits. Donors can chose to stay anonymous or pay by their name and track every penny on blockchain and ensure that their fund goes to correct cause and reached beneficiaries.

  • Goal Based Funding

  • Anonymous Donations

  • Legitimate NGOs/Trusts