Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions to help you to give answer for your questions on your mind.

Once we receive the payment confirmation, you will get an appreciation certificate via email and it will be available on our website’s dashboard as well. Along with payment confirmation, you will get a button “Get 80G”, which will ask for additional details as required by government, just fill in and 80G certificate can be downloaded for taxation claims. Currently benefits are restricted to Indian territories but we will be expanding it soon.

We provide two ways to Audit, for crypto based donations, just click on Audit and enter your transaction hash to get details. Alternatively, you can go the relevant campaign and check progress tab to get insights of fund utilization. Such updates would also be emailed to you on your registered email ID. However, in case of anonymous donations/crypto payments email would not be possible.

Please note that such donations are not linked to any specific campaign and it will go to our general pool which would be utilized across all campaigns. Also you can track these donations on Etherscan by transaction hash and since we do not capture your details, such will be anonymous and you would not be able to get tax benefits if payment are done through cryptocurrencies.

Yes, we do offer dedicated point of contact for organizations requiring CSR activities. We analyze your CSR objectives and map it with best possible NGOs to implement them. In most cases employees of the organization may participate in the events as well. Based on specific projects and NGO readiness, we can offer limited marketing or branding activities.

Register with us, upload relevant documents, once the documentation is approved, you can start creating campaigns from your login. Alternatively, you can email your requirements to us and we will create relevant campaign for you.

We allocate a campaign manager who will assist you in every step during the campaign. The campaign manager will share the tried and tested result oriented techniques with you in order to promote the campaign. We will also promote your campaigns through our social media channels.

NO. We recommend about 30-40 days for a campaign to get the best possible returns. Also campaigns needing immediate funds are more likely to get positive responses. For long term, we would suggest to keep running multiple campaigns rather than having one single campaign with larger target / time period.

We have a payment clearance cycle of 15 days, so you can expect funds to get credited in your registered account in maximum 15 days. Such funds would be adjusted for our administration charges and payment gateway charges. However for some specific goals, we may waive this fee off.